Guangxi’s average import clearance time fastest in China
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The average clearance time for imported cargo at Guangxi ports was 5.56 hours in 2020, putting the region top in China thanks to Nanning Customs' reforms, Guangxi Daily reported on Feb 7.

The average clearance time for exported cargo decreased by 49.01 percent to 0.77 hours in 2020, 1.42 hours faster than the national average level and ranking ninth in China. 

In 2020, Nanning Customs launched a total of 24 innovative reforms aimed at optimizing its business environment. These reforms sought to further shorten clearance times and push forward the construction of the Beibu Gulf International Gateway Port. Its intelligent port project has helped increase the container handling capacity at Beibu Gulf ports by 18.9 percent.

The average clearance time for maritime import cargo at Beibu Gulf was 26.02 hours in 2020, faster than the national average level, which stood at 58.2 hours. 

Nanning Customs implemented a bevy of preferential taxation policies in 2020, removing 171 million yuan in taxes on cargo imported by Guangxi companies, and helping companies defer 38.53 million yuan ($26.47 million) in taxes.

It has launched a total of 36 supportive measures in three batches to promote the sound development of Guangxi's foreign trade. 

The import and export volume of Guangxi's foreign trade topped 486.13 billion yuan in 2020, giving it a year-on-year increase of 3.5 percent. This is 1.6 percentage points higher than the national level.

Customs has taken an active part in helping companies in Guangxi attain Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification, and the region now has 24 AEO companies. 

Holders of AEO certification are entitled to benefits akin to obtaining a green permit for international trade, and it empowers enterprises' efforts to broaden their business in overseas markets.

Currently, China has achieved AEO mutual recognition with 15 economic entities, as well as 42 countries and regions.

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